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About Us

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) conducts Fellowship programmes for dental interns, post-graduates and dental clinicians to pursue parallel careers in the upcoming fields of Clinical Research, Forensic Odontology, Dental Public Health and Dental Genetics. With over 100 participants currently and growing every day, we are confident of becoming the dentist’s choice for higher education. Our programmes provide a platform for our participants to network with experts and peers with similar professional interests. The opportunity for learning through IDA’s Fellowship Programmes is for the eager and ambitious ,for those who believe in thinking out of the box and break boundaries, for those who appreciate and recognize excellence, within and for themselves. IDA’s Fellowship programmes are for you.


Our mission is to offer education on a range of topics globally in demand through specially designed syllabus incorporating practical experience and thus create growth opportunities for our participants.


To motivate and inspire a love of learning through innovative, educational experiences for all IDA members of every age group.


  • Alternate career opportunities in specific fields.
  • Knowledge and training to advance work in specialized fields of interest.
  • Training and reflection to support the fellow's overall growth.
  • Opportunities for exploring untapped self potential and hidden talents.
Forensic Odontology

Forensic Odontology has become an integral part of forensic medicine and plays an important role in criminal, monetary, marital and social disputes, and the identification of missing individuals. Dental professionals have a lot to contribute to this stream. This programme is an attempt to open up an exciting role for dentists to play in legal matters. A complete know-how on every aspect of the profession along with practical hands-on and real case solving experiences assures a leading edge over peers.

Sports Dentistry

Sports dentistry is one of the most recent and upcoming field in dentistry. It mainly includes the prevention and management of athletics-related orofacial injuries and associated oral diseases. The sports or team dentist assists athletes in the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of oral injuries. As the fields of sports medicine and sports dentistry evolve, so too does the role and responsibilities of the Team Dentist. The clinician requires sport specific knowledge and special training in order to work to his or her capacity in amateur or professional sporting events.


About IDA

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) has always strived to update its members on the latest advances in dentistry through educational programmes. A need for extensive and in-depth knowledge and expertise in subjects so as to provide a larger professional scope for our members prompted us to launch our Fellowship courses. These would ensure not only an added prestige and honor but also newer avenues of income for dental professionals.

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